Working on a few personal imagines requested by anonymous(s)

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Jack & Jill went up a hill.They ended up at Playlist Live to give Tyler a high 5. They saw the others face & love landed on 1st base

written imagine please

hello my name is Linnie, I was just wondering if you could do a written imagine. im a bit shy but hugely loud and crazy when you get to know me, I can draw and play the piano, so I do like quiet time. I am a bright person, so don’t really wear black usually rainbow coloured.

the plot could be about anything, but if you need preferences mainly in bed morning or night time. and jack gets all cuddly.

I have short curly brown hair, green eyes with a hint of blue. I have small lips and medium nose. im small built, as everyone tells me.

I posted it! I made it a preference though, because the plot was too cute not to include Finn in! It’s preference #6, called “Cuddle” I hope you enjoy it! :)

#6 Cuddle

Jack: His eyelids slowly lifted, blinking multiple times until the blur vanished. Smiling, he gently wiped a strand of hair away from the girls face in front of him. Repeating his actions, she fluttered her eyelids until his face became clear. “Morning.”

"Morning," he whispered back. Immediately her face grimaced as her body retracted.

"Ugh, morning breath!" As soon he heard her say those three words, he jumped out the sheets and on top of her, breathing heavily.

"Eww, Jack!" she playfully screamed, struggling to get out of his arms. "That’s disgusting!" Wriggling out of his trap, she crawled towards the end of the bed when his hand grasped her arm, pulling her next to him.

"You’re not going anywhere," he said. Looking up into his eyes, she wrapped her arms around his waist, placing her head on his chest. He then put his arms on her stomach, claiming her as his.

Finn: Covered in cloth, the boy shifted aside to the left as the girl climbed in.”It’s one in the morning, what are you doing going to bed now?” he exclaimed.

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you!" she whispered.

"Well, I’m awake now, so tell me what you were doing since eight." he sat up, turning his body towards her.

"I was just on Twitter, I meant to stop at nine, but I guess time passed by without my notice and I ended up scrolling for five hours."

"Come here," he opened his arms, the girl resting her body on his chest. "We really need to get you off that website. You’ve practically become addicted."

"I know, but it’s just so funny! Plus, I followed a Jacksgap fan account, so I get to look at hot pictures of you," she looked up at him and smiled, getting one back from him.

"Well why do that when you have the real guy right here?" he jokingly asked.

"True," she said, closing her eyes. Doing the same as she, he played with her hair until they both fell asleep.


via @neonlightshxrry (her friend’s account) on twitter


via @neonlightshxrry (her friend’s account) on twitter


Headed off for travels. Shooting video on a GH4 and stills on an old FM2. Both using 30 year old Nikon prime lenses. #AlphaPro #Letsgosomewhere


Headed off for travels. Shooting video on a GH4 and stills on an old FM2. Both using 30 year old Nikon prime lenses. #AlphaPro #Letsgosomewhere